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Nick Lowe - Switchboard Susan (1979)
Mickey Jupp
from: ”Labour of Lust”

(via kdo)

ArtistNick Lowe
TitleSwitchboard Susan
AlbumLabour of Lust
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ArtistCloud Nothings
TitleCut You
AlbumAttack on Memory
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Warm Soda - Tell Me In A Whisper

Can never get enough of modern power pop bands. And Warm Soda nails it. The chorus in this song is the catchiest thing. Garagey-modern power pop from Burger Records!

ArtistWarm Soda
TitleTell Me In A Whisper
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The Cavedogs - Boy In A Plastic Bubble (1992)

As much as I love The Cavedogs first full-length, Joyrides for Shut-ins, I could never get as excited about their followup, Soul Martini. It is just too damn glossy in an attempt to get some airplay. And, the timing for glossy wasn’t right, since things went all grungy about this time. Too bad since the band threw in the towel after this mishap.

But there are some good parts.

ArtistThe Cavedogs
TitleBoy In A Plastic Bubble
AlbumSoul Martini
Album Art


A.C. Newman - Encyclopedia Of Classic Takedowns

ArtistA.C. Newman
TitleEncyclopedia Of Classic Takedowns
AlbumShut Down The Streets